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Immerse yourself in a world of listening possibilities. Our features offer unique experiences that educate, entertain and engage the imagination of our listeners.

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Tune in to our carefully curated radio feed for a diverse selection of music styles and engaging podcasts, all designed with young listeners in mind.

Music Streaming Library

Access our large library of streaming music, featuring a wide variety of genres and styles, perfect for any time of day, from car rides to bedtime.


Enjoy unlimited listening to our collection of audiobooks, featuring beloved children's classics and exciting new titles, narrated by talented storytellers.

Family-Friendly Podcasts

Discover 100's of family-friendly podcasts curated for families, covering a range of topics from science and history to storytelling and more, all guaranteed to spark curiosity and inspire learning.

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Our Feed

At KidsDotRadio, we are dedicated to providing a high-quality and diverse selection of music, audiobooks and podcasts for children of all ages. Our feed features a carefully curated mix of songs and shows that are both entertaining and educational, designed to capture the imaginations of young listeners while fostering development.

Our music selection includes a variety of styles and genres, from classic nursery rhymes and sing-alongs to kid pop and world music. We also feature podcasts on a range of topics, including science, history, storytelling, and more.

At Kids.Radio, we take safety seriously. And although our team has carefully selected the content that appears on our feed and library to ensure that it is appropriate for young listeners, we realize that not all listeners will appreciate the same content, so we’ve included as much children’s genre content as possible. We also implement strict measures to prevent inappropriate content or interactions on our platform.

Whether your child is dancing along to their favorite tunes or discovering something new on our podcasts, Kids.Radio is the perfect destination for family-friendly entertainment. Thank you for tuning in!

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Lots of Awesome Things to Explore!

Our audio application features a user-friendly interface with seamless navigation, allowing you to easily browse through a variety of events and content. Kids can request their favorite songs and podcasts for a fun and engaging listening experience. In addition, our platform provides information on various events that people can attend in their area.

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Our App

Kids.Radio, pronounced KidsDotRadio is the ultimate app for family-friendly streaming! Our app offers a safe and engaging platform for children to discover and explore a world of high-quality audio content.

With Kids.Radio, your child can enjoy a carefully curated selection of music and audiobooks from many styles and genres, engaging podcasts on a variety of topics, from science and history to storytelling, as well as kid relevant news and age appropriate humor.

Our user-friendly interface allows children to easily navigate and select their favorite content, while our commitment to safety and security ensures that parents can trust in the quality of our platform. Download our app today and start exploring the world of KidsDotRadio!




“Our go-to for family car rides”

San Diego, CA

My kids absolutely love KidsDotRadio! They can easily find their favorite songs and podcasts because it’s so easy to use. And I love that they can get it all in one app without me directing them. It's become our go-to for family car rides and quiet time at home too. "-L.B."


“Amazing variety of content”

Fullerton, CA

As a teacher, I'm always looking for fun and engaging ways to incorporate music and podcasts into my lessons. KidsDotRadio has an amazing variety of content that supports literacy, cultural awareness, and social-emotional learning. "-M.R."


“A great way to keep everyone entertained”

Los Angeles, CA

I love that KidsDotRadio has something for kids of all ages. My toddler can sing along to nursery rhymes while my older one enjoys exploring the podcasts on science and history. It's a great way to keep everyone entertained and learning. "-T.W."


“KidsDotRadio is outstanding”

Miami, FL

The quality of the content on KidsDotRadio is outstanding. The music sounds great and the podcasts are engaging and informative. It's clear that a lot of thought and care went into selecting the content. "-B.H."

About Us

Welcome to Kids.Radio, the ultimate destination for young listeners! At Kids.Radio, we believe that radio is not just about music, but also about educating, inspiring, and entertaining children. That's why we offer a variety of features that cater to the needs and interests of young listeners.

With Kids.Radio, your child can enjoy a carefully curated selection of music and audiobooks from many styles and genres, engaging podcasts on a variety of topics, from science and history to storytelling, as well as kid relevant news and age appropriate humor.

But that's not all! Kids.Radio also features a wide range of podcasts that are both entertaining and informative. From science and history to nature and space, our podcasts cover a variety of topics that are sure to spark your child's curiosity.

And if your child loves a good story, Kids.Radio has plenty of audiobooks to choose from. Our collection includes classic tales, fairy tales, and modern stories that are perfect for bedtime, car rides, or just relaxing at home.

In addition to music, podcasts, and audiobooks, Kids.Radio also delivers news that is relevant and easy for children to understand. Our news programs keep young listeners up-to-date on the latest events happening around the world.

At Kids.Radio, we are committed to providing a safe and fun environment for children to explore the world of audio. Our programs are carefully curated to ensure that they are age-appropriate and family-friendly. So tune in to Kids.Radio today and discover the awesome magic of radio for kids!

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Yes, our app and streaming platform is designed with safety in mind. We carefully curate our content, including music, audiobooks, and podcasts, to ensure that it is fun, educational, and appropriate for young listeners, and we use industry-standard security measures to protect your child's personal information.

Our app/streaming platform offers a variety of pricing options to fit your family's needs. We offer both free and paid plans, with premium features available for a small monthly fee in order to pay royalties and licensing fees.

Yes, we have curated content for kids of all ages, from lullabies and a sound machine for babies and playtime toddler music to a variety of genres and rockin’ tunes for tweens, to ensure that they have easy access to the best age-appropriate content.

We regularly update and add new music, podcasts, and audiobooks weekly to ensure that kids always have access to new and fresh material.